Comics From a Guy Who Can’t Draw.

by Robert Herrick - Apr 17, 2020

Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation you win. 


Hi All,

Just a brief note and a thank you.

First the note…

I hope you are enjoying my Covid Toons. Feel free to share them. (If you like them, say thanks by joining my email list.)

There isn’t anything funny about the deaths and TK this pandemic has inflected on the world.  The sacrifice of our healthcare workers, first responders and the essential employees that keep the world running is TK.

A special thanks for the great artists at GarryPyeCreations, Daz3d, RealIllusions, StockUnlimited, and Renderocity.  There talents allows me to creatte Covid Toons.  (Otherwise, all you would see is poorly drawn stick figures.) 

Stay home and stay safe!